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Ephesus tours , ephesus private tours

Private Cappadocia Tours have attended and special cave hotel in Urgup first went. Warm in winter and cool in summer Cave hotel had a natural ventilation system. The room was very large spacious. We all woke up early and ate breakfast and drank coffee organic and natural. : Accompanied our tour guide went to town in the middle of Hisar. Classical Ottoman architecture built with ...



Troy Tours in Canakkale

For Gallipoli tours from Istanbul-Canakkale Canakkale After nearly hour-long bus ride we arrived at the city center. Here we went to the seaside boutique hotel has small rooms are not very spacious and very clean room. first did a nice bath and then breakfast in the morning and finally drank coffee with milk. Our tour guide with the first 30 minutes after a trip we went to Troy,...


Ephesus Tours

1 hour with a very nice plane ride we arrived Izmir airport . with private vehicles went 4-star hotel located in kusadasi . the hotel had a very large spacious rooms . Our tour guide did a very nice breakfast in the morning and one hour in conjunction with private open-air museum we went to Ephesus with the vehicle . Here is the first slopes of the people sit home and had the ...


Istanbul Tours and Holiday

Istanbul East Roman emperor Kosntant first time in this city have made on their behalf and Istanbul has been the capital of the world for the first time . first golden horn istanbul the people lived in greece . golden horn very sheltered sheltered inner harbor during stormy weather . 2 Hippodrome obelisk from Egypt and has been made ??. istanbbul justinyen topped by the most ...